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Promoshop brand has been our member since 2013 and deals with the creation of digital content and promotion solutions. The services of photography, photo editing, graphic design, web design, video editing and other promotional material are typical of this brand. Our customers range from small businesses or individuals to large companies in the domestic industry. We are able to carry out a wide range of projects, always with the quality, passion and ethos that characterizes the Y53 Group. In addition to in-house services, we have the support of a large network of partners, depending on the requirements of each project. For more information please visit promoshop.gr


Music creation and production services were one of the initial activities of the company since 2009. In December 2019, this activity, together with its facilities, joined the ErmisTones brand and since then it follows a more artistic and creative direction. In combination with Promoshop, they can be the key to a successful promotion for the business and the professional, or on the contrary, for the artist who, in collaboration with ErmisTones, also gains access to the useful services of Promoshop. The assets of the brand include a modern fully equipped recording studio, our specialized staff and a wide network of collaborators who support our work and vision. More info at ermistones.com.


Rim & Core brand deals with technology development and design of security systems and automation. It was founded in 2013 and joined Y53 in 2015. The design, development and testing process is completed at the company’s facilities while the final production is achieved with the help of our affiliate factories. The final product is designed and manufactured entirely in Hellas while over 70% of its components are of Hellenic or European origin. We work mainly with wholesale customers or on projects that require custom made solutions, such as military installations, or other areas that require innovative security systems. More information can be found at rimcore.com.


Photography, photo editing, color correction, overall enhancement, marks removal, noise removal.


Photography, background replacement, photo editing, shadows creation, color correction, enhancement, noise removal.


Website build & design, photography, photo editing, content management, web hosting.


Photography, image stitching, photo editing & enhancement, color correction, noise removal.


Music composition & production, recording studio services, video montage, video post production


The RC1712 sensor is a device for early detection of lock violation on an armoured door. Activates the alarm before the burglar actually opens the door. Wired connection to all types of home alarms.


The RC1901 sensor  protects you from accidentally closing the door without having the key. It can detect a serial knock code on the door surface and open it automatically. Also useful for easy access to medical care staff.


Autonomous alarm system suitable for security doors. It is mounted inside the door chassis and activated with the slightest movement of the key. It can be combined with a variety of detection sensors and controllers.


The RC series of security doors offer security, aesthetics and ease of use while accepting a wide range of modifications according to your requirements. High security requires customized solutions.

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